We are a Denver-based original modern rock power duo.

upcoming shows

Our debut show at Tooey's Off Colfax was great and we had a blast! We're already planning new shows, so keep an eye out here as we book them.

Tooey's Off Colfax

September 1st ~ 9:00pm 1521 Marion St, Denver, CO 80218

Many thanks to Nick Plumber and Whiskey Orphans for inviting us to play this gig with them!


We'll keep updating here as we progress through the end of the year!

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    Our Debut Show Is In The Books

    Well, that was certainly fun! Many thanks to all our friends who showed up to help us celebrate our first show. Looking forward to many more evenings like that. We're actively seeking our our next few gigs now, so stay tuned for the whens and wheres.

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    Hate Minor Prepares to Play Live

    It’s been a bit of a journey for me as I began the dive back into writing music specifically to be played live. Back in September of 2016, playing live, loud rock on stage was the furthest thing from mind. I was actually in the middle of a home remodel while simultaneously preparing for a sailing trip to Croatia. Then, out of the blue, my old friend, Chris Chamberlayne, approached me to ask if I was interested in playing guitar in a new project he wanted to start. One thing led to another and we landed on the idea to do it as a duo: Chris singing lead vox while playing drums and me on guitar. Being the huge geek I am, I wanted to do something similar to the past and current crop of original rock duos out there (Black Keys, White Stripes, The Kills, Royal Blood, Death from Above, etc.). I came up with various guitar amp rig configurations, but all did basically the same thing: split my 6 string guitar signal in 2 with one side going to a “regular” guitar amp and the other going to a bass amp. The idea was/is to create the low end of a bass guitar without actually adding another musician.

    Things didn’t quite work out taking that project to term, but I continued on in a very similar creative direction: this time, for better or worse, it would be me taking on the lead vox role. I fell into a song-writing frenzy, cranking out many, many tunes: some good, some not so good.

    Almost 2 years later, and now with the addition of Becca Mhalek; a super-talented sax player and drummer, singer and song-writer; Hate Minor is very close to its original goal: playing loud, high-energy live shows in the Denver area with riff-driven hooky songs and are fun to play and fun for the audience... at least, that’s the hope.